Day: December 4, 2018

The Benefits and Importance of Ethics in the Workplace

I used to often wonder how it would be to have employees who have no idea about workplace ethics. Would they be a disgrace to the management? In the final year at college where I was doing an optional paper on business ethics, I decided to go in for an internship in a nearby corporate in order to find out for myself what the scenario inside the offices was.

Was I disappointed?

Well, not that I really was. In fact, I was surprised. The work culture that this company had created within its office made me really look up to it. Don’t believe me? Go take a look at!

I noticed that the employees here had a strong sense of belonging to the workplace:

The stationery and the equipment closets were left open and there was no one in charge. Yet, I never in my two months there found one miscreant trying to flick anything for his personal use.

The telephone lines were open and still, I found the workers were only using their private phones to call and that also when they were having their designated break time.

This was my first brush with the corporate culture and I was almost tricked into believing that this is how it is everywhere. But now I know that it is not!

It is the corporate’s role to infuse de facto ownership of the company’s asset in the employees:

This modus helps give the workers the feeling that he collectively owns all the asset of the company along with the other employees rubbing shoulders with him, the higher-ups in management and the stakeholders. He becomes as much a guardian of the assets as the owners of the company would be.

I found this culture amazing and I wrote at length about it in my dissertation. I was also called to speak at the annual general meeting of the company where I received recognition, a plaque and a certificate of appreciation from the directors of the company; easily the best day of my life!