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The Best Restaurant Pest Control Tips: Keeping Insects & Pests Away

The article released by insect control edinburgh has emphasized on some of the key points of pest control with respect to restaurants. With the increasing cases of death by food poison, the team of intellectuals who are ensuring food safety standard have formulated strict rules for restaurant owners and provided some tips in a booklet which comes handy for them.

Some of the best methods to keep insects and pests away from dining areas and cooking areas ina restaurant are :

  1. Labeling and FIFO( first in and first out ): keeping the boxes of food labeled and keep a policy of first in and first out labels so that you use the sooner expiry ones in the first because as food items get old, the pungent smell attracts pests easily.
  2. Handling waste to prevent insects: have a proper waste management system as separate bins and covered types for food waste and normal waste so that it can be disposed of as and when it gets collected.
  3. Cleaning drains regularly to keep away flies: the drainage area should be properly maintained by checking for water blocks and if food particles get into the drains, it creates a rotten smell and attracts flies. Thus this area should be properly ventilated and block free.
  4. Blocking entries and sealing pests out: the major areas through which flies and pests enter should be checked and such entries should be blocked for avoiding Always try to keep doors closed and also windows and other openings should be well sealed to prevent entry of flies.
  5. Focus on better storage to avoid pests: keep the storage area well ventilated and keep organized arrangements rather than stacking and piling of raw materials of food which may get the major place for flies and pests to breed.