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Die neuesten Marketing Trends

Do you remember watching your favorite chocolate ads appearing in black and white on the television or listening to certain ads on the radio? Well, things have definitely changed the way brands market their products and services today. From radio advertisements to TV ads and print media to digital marketing, brands have found newer ways to position themselves in the minds of their target consumers. Here is a look at some of the newest marketing trends that both big and small companies are adopting these days.

  1. Personalization – Today the concept of “one size fits all” is no longer appreciated. Consumers are demanding and they want products/services to be tailored as per their needs. It is no wonder than personalized marketing is gaining an upper edge above the rest.
  2. Visual Media Marketing – Advertising on-screen is nothing new but it has changed course with better quality, content, and target audience. Visual marketing has attracted many consumers through better videos, 3D modeling, and virtual marketing just to name a few.
  3. Social Media Marketing – No doubt, social media today is intended for more than staying connected with dear and near ones. Marketing strategies using social media has been able to sell more with fewer resources.
  4. Influencer Marketing – Today even a common person can influence the way in which people react to certain brands through the concept of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is currently trending, thanks to YouTubers and Instagram followers. Look at to know how.
  5. Chatbot Engagements – Have you been shopping online lately? Have you noticed the exchange of pleasantries that websites have employed? Right from saying hello to assisting you in finding the right product to answering your queries, chatbots are creating a more engaging and meaningful way to market their brand to its visitors.