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Top 5 Tips For Using A Parcel Drop Off Delivery Service

The courier drop off service is a great way to send your parcel and you do not have to wait for the courier driver to come over and collect the parcel from you. You could drop off your parcel any time during their business hours. Just reach the last mile transportation company and drop off your parcel.

Here is what you can do to use a parcel delivery service.

Advance booking

You will have to book your delivery in advance and thus it is important that you book it well before time. All that you need to do is to enter the parcel details and get a list of the drop off services and then choose what best suits you. You have many options here from cheap to speedy services. All that you need to do after you choose the service is to fill in the details and complete your booking.

You will need a printer

You will get a shipping label that has to be printed and this then has to be attached to the outside of the parcel. This will then be scanned at the drop off point.

Check the size and the weight of the parcel

You need to try to be very accurate with the size and weight of your parcel when you select the drop in delivery service. In case there is any weight or padding then take that out. If the parcel is heavies or bigger than what you have mentioned then you will have to pay extra.

The right point of drop off

The courier services have set up their own local offices and you need to make sure that you drop off your courier at the official point of drop off.

Drop it off early

The earlier that you drop off your parcel the better it is for you.